Will (the smaller one) and Nathaniel (the bigger one) are a dynamic father and son team. They do a lot together, which, they both agree, is pretty much awesome. In particular, Will likes to make things. Jodi, Will's mom, is particularly crafty: Will and Jodi make many things together. You can follow their adventures here. Nathaniel is not particularly crafty. That said, he teaches classes in New Media Rhetoric and Writing and works each day to get a little better, a little more confident with the technology. Long story short, when Will and Nathaniel make things, they make with new media technologies. Right now, they are content to produce short podcasts; down the road they might take on other projects. The De Giverville Rundown, then, is a (hopefully) semi-monthly podcast series that documents what the two are up to at any given moment. Sprinkled into the regular episodes are Words of the Day and Songs of the Day. The podcast uses the free hosting service SoundCloud to store and to embed the podcasts.